Welcome to Elevated Hair.

Working with our guests, we use our skills and judgment to achieve bespoke looks tailored to each client’s wants. We consider hospitality our first service; everything else, including cutting and coloring hair, is in service of that.

Since its inception, Immortal Beloved has been recognized in countless national and industry publications as one of the best salons in the country for quality services, flawless design, and business practices.

Immortal Beloved is a fashion house conceived, designed, and built by famed hair stylist, Kelly Gorsuch. We offer Richmond, VA a styling house dedicated to stylish and wearable hair.

Our operating philosophy is inspired by a saying attributed to Aristotle: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Excellence in hairdressing is a combination of talent and experience.

Please feel free to move about stylists in our salon. The most important aspect of hairdressing is to find a stylist who "gets you:" someone who suits your personality and understands your styling needs. Every stylist has a different feel with their hairdressing. If you've browsed our site but are unsure of who might be the best fit for you, please give us a call to obtain a personalized referral to the stylist who would best suit your style.

Kelly built a welcoming space and filled it with select talent so you could be confident of your services. We welcome you to Immortal Beloved: Enjoy the ride!